How To : Running a business like clockwork

The world is full of opportunity. Many of us are pushing our way through full-time jobs as well as establish a brand, a business. Whether it's a blog, online store or etsy account, we all need to consider carefully, when expanding, what ensures everything runs like clockwork.

I have been considering my future as a self starter and a potential brand. With any venture, whether big or small, there is lots to consider when looking to charge for services and enter the world as a business. Here's a couple of things to consider when looking at expanding yourself. 


This isn't only viable for those selling goods. Whatever business you are embarking on, it's important to have good storage, and storage solutions when running out of space. Hiring or renting storage is easy enough, but optimizing space is crucial. Ensure you have a workstation with the necessities for day to day

If you need to optimize your current storage space you might want to check out WSSL for a pallet racking installation in Wakefield or elsewhere.


It's the most important factor of being a business owner per say. Getting paid, and being paid correctly. Having a banking system set up accordingly, along with an effective invoicing system, will ensure nothing goes unpaid. Once you start earning extra, whether a large or small sum, you will need to keep a record for tax purposes. It could get messy if you don't. If needed, seek advice on Tax and VAT.


A website is a gateway to your business. As is said, first impressions always count, so your website should be well received. Shout from the rooftops your brand and business through a modern, easy to use website. Build yourself, or hire an individual to create a stunning website that will compliment your new business. Ensure you conduct market research on website functionality.


What's the point in having all of the above if you're not going to promote and encourage people to view it and use your services? Online marketing through social media, website promotions, adverts and Press releases will draw customers to your doors. Driving traffic to your gate ( your website ) is your main aim, and marketing will do that.
There are lots of ways you can market yourself, and as an age of social media gurus, we can all agree how effective social media can be for any business. Plan campaigns, map out marketing budgets and seek advice where needed to ensure your marketing is working effectively for your business.
There is never a time a business should stop self-promoting and marketing. So make sure you do it effectively.

If you're considering starting your own business, now or in the future, it is well worth considering all bases of what needs to be covered. As lovely as it would be to just drift through and stumble upon a beating business, it takes preperation, hard work and time before it can run 'like clockwork'.

Have you considered running your own business? 

Do you run your own? 

Any tips for those looking to venture into self employment? 

Why not start some chatted below! 

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