2016: What you can expect from a life of a charlotte.

Well, 2016 is in full swing and I have been thinking of what this new year can bring to not only me personally, but my little space on the internet.

There is no denying, the later part of 2016 started off slow and gained so much momentum, I found no time in my blog I have become proud of. Last year saw me graduating, become unemployed, start a new career and ultimately start the ball rolling in buying my own place.

So besides my personal goals for this year, there are plenty of goals I have for a life of a Charlotte. 
Post regularly - Like I said, the latter part of this year has been hectic, and a result is lack of regular posting. This year expect a more structured post schedule, rather than a sudden splurge of content when I find the time!

Blog more subjects - I tend to get bored pretty quick, so posting regularly on simuliar things and subjects has me losing interest pretty quick. I want to spice things up and have something for everyone. Prepare for more cooking, interior and other more little pick me ups that I'd like to share with you, my lovely followers.

Better Photography - This, I hope, I have been getting to grips with in the latter part of 2015 and something I hope will continue this year.

New blog series - This kinda ties into my more subjects pin point, but I hope to start some new, and hopefully successful series of posts that can become a regular fixture on a life of a Charlotte. I'm thinking more of my How To: series, New ideal meals, budget friendly finds.

Involve fellow bloggers - I love reading other blogs, and following fellow bloggers and seeing them evolve into brilliant writers. And I'd love this space to feature some of those amazing bloggers. Guest posts, links and more is something I am to use more this year.

More product reviews - To tell you the truth, it came by accident that I started to review some make-up and other favorite things. However, I seem to love it. This year I propose to do more product reviews all ranging in topics, and not restrictive to beauty. I don't want my blog to become everything review, but I would love a little more informative content, so I'm not just a diary on the web.

So 2016 overall will be challenging, physically, mentally and in every other sense of the word. I hope you lovelies will stick around as we reach the year mark, and hopefully grow more in size and content.

Thank you so much to those that have stuck around this long. Don't know what I'd do without you!!

Have you got any ideas on some new content I could trial, or something you'd love to see? I love knowing all your ideas, so comment below.

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