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Basically FREE Things to do on a Hot Summers Day

It's easy to forget of the Free things we can do when the weather is good in the height of summer. Whilst heading for a weekend away is always a good idea, money can come in the way. Unfortunalty, none of us have a bottomless pit and so when the going is tough, we have to find alternatives.

Weekly Update

Hello Lovelies.

You know, thank god for scheduled content and wifi cos last weekend was a manic one, and whilst I may not be making conversation, a weekend break on a hen do (I'll get to that in a sec) ,and lack of time to do anything but laugh, I was half expecting to come back to carnage.

Buttttt, nothing actually seemed to self destruct and my blog seems in tact, as well as my apartment after the fiancée had to cope 2 nights without me!

Have no fear, this will not be a regular occasion I promise! Again, my fiancée is happy to hear that too.

So yeah, a hen do! And what a hen do! I don't want to go into too much detail since I have a post coming up which will give you all the dets, but it was a bloody good one full of plenty of Prosecco, wine and giggles!

Homemade Cocktails for the perfect Summer

What is summer without a good 'ol cocktail ay?

I am a lover of all things fruity, refreshing & tangy with either vodka or Malibu.

As always, you don't need to have alcohol, but a virgin Pina Colada doesn't quiet hit the spot after a long old week ahead of a weekend.

So what's a good cocktail for a Summer Saturday BBQ ? A home made one. Here's a couple I have every summer.

Weekly Playlist - 19/6/2017

Fri-yay is here once again!!!

I will say one thing, friday's seem to be coming around quick and fast, especially with this new post thread!

I've once again created a unique playlist to ensure your weekend is chilled and relaxed after a long week in this unbearable heat.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good sunny spell, but not enough to make me sweat profusely and have no idea what is suitable to wear to work without looking like a stripper.

Scent Subscription Box Review & Discount code*

There is nothing better than a signature scent perfect for any occasion, day or weather. I have a few that spring to mind, and I love the idea of growing a collection of perfumes that encaptulate certain events and milestones, like my wedding!

Wedding Reception Food Alternatives - Wedding Wednesday

Being hungry at a wedding is the worst. Like where do you get food from? How long are you going to have to wait until they decide to feed you? You're so hungry you could actually eat your own foot!!

Wedding's are long. For the Bride & Groom and your guests, so it's imperative you and your guests have plenty of food and drink to sustain the momentum and ensure the wedding is a success. Of course, you can always go over the top, offer too much food, and create more waste than you can care to imagine.

A suitcase full - Holiday Shop

Hey, the summer is fast approaching and well, I am not prepared, at all!

The mixed weather Britain has been giving us has thrown me right off balance, and I never know whether to be safe with ripped black jeans or be daring with a summer frock.

I don't think I hate weather as much as I do in the summertime in the UK. It's so unknown and moody!

But have no fear, I've got us brits covered, kind of, and included a suitcase full of clothing that, if you're like me and not venturing anywhere other than the park this summer, you will be covered for all eventualities.

Paddle Boarding in the sunshine*

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to my first ever blogger event!!

Well, I've been invited to a couple, but this was one I could actually make, because didn't you know a girls got to work, I'm not no big shot blogger yet!

So as you can imagine I was ruddy excited!

In my new job, I have met some lovely ladies who happen to be fellow bloggers too! I'm not lucky enough to have a pool of blogger friends on hand, so to have 2 in one office is a miracle and blessing.

The event was held in Hove, not too far from me, on a gorgeous Thursday afternoon. The event? A afternoon of watersports at the lagoon!