Wedding Wednesday - Save The Dates

Happy Wednesday.

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

As my day draws closer, ever so slowly, the prospect of Save the Dates comes nearer. Since sorting my guest list with mum and future mum-in-law, I am now set to print and send my save the dates - eeeeeee!

Save the Dates are a fantastic sneak peak for your guests to have an idea of what's to come of your day. Plus is a cute announcement for your date and of course a prompt for your guests to save it.

What I've been watching on Sky Cinema

I'm a sky member, and well I've upped my subscription and incorporated Sky Cinema.

It's no surprise this is a useful addition when me and Ali like to spend a weekend evening wisely watching movies with a good bowl of ice cream. Perfecto!

If you don't have it, well your missing out. Endless amounts of new and recent movies, plenty to keep you occupied at least a couple of nights a week. Teamed with Netflix and Amazon prime! Well you'll never need a DVD ever again!!

So what have we been watching?

Weekly Update : 5 things

It's Sunday Evening.

Fast approaching the prospect of a new week. Oh Monday, you do come around quickly.

Once again its been a while since I have updated you guys. Once again it's not that bloody exciting. To keep it short and snappy, and free from you likely to drop off to sleep mid-sentence,  I've incorporated a list element, because who doesn't like lists right? Because of the lack of update, this is going to span a couple of weeks, so bare with.

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