Mistakes I'm glad I made

I was inspired.

To spill the beans on some of the mistakes I have made over the years.

Whilst many of us wish we could file our mistakes away, and never have to re-visit them again, sometimes it's healthy to have a look back. Granted, most I do want to forget about, but some, well , they're pretty justified.

Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Fair Do's & Don't

Wedding Wednesday is here.

And so is wedding fair season.

Personally, I HATE wedding fairs. Literally, hate. I understand the logic, and need to go, however, It's like walking down a turkish market, being hassled and haggled when all you want to do is mooch and mingle at your own leisure.

I have been to 3 of these poxy things now, and the most recent just last weekend. Why have I been to 3 if I hate them I hear you say? There is logic behind my madness. 2 of these have been at my venue, and most recently it was due to the sheer panic between me and my mum on how much we haven't done and we have 14 months to go.

Home : When to splurge and when to save

Its expensive, being a homeowner.

Especially if you're like me and go into every home section of every store and wish you had everything within it. It's not unusual for me to purchase something for the home at least once a week - oops.

One thing I do know, there are some things you really shouldn't splurge on, and others you should spend.

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