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Blogtober | Places I'd like to spend Halloween

It would seem this is another travel related post, combined with Blogtober and the upcoming celebration of Halloween.

I will say, I am not a massive fan of Halloween, however I do like the time of year, and the spookiness October brings. As you may well know, I do love a good horror film, and I do like to be scared, all the whilst in the moment I am terrified and cry like an absolute baby!

That being said, there are some pretty amazing places around the world where they celebrate Halloween in a different style than us typical brits. Bearing that in mind I have put together a list of the places I would like to spend Halloween if I get the chance.

Uni | 5 Things to do with your house-mates besides drinking

You've been at uni a good couple of months now and chances are, you've suffered from fresher's flu at least 3 times over.

It's okay, it happens and it will every year you're at uni, despite reducing the amount of times you go out on the lash.

Thing is, since starting you've probably been out at least twice a week, and whilst it's all fun and games, the constant hangover vibes are getting tedious, and the only real things you know of your house mates are from the drunken nights out and the hilarious antidotes from them.

Whilst most friendships made at uni have a drunken night as a base, it would be nice to do something other than drink copious amounts of spirits and hold each others hair back!

Travel | 5 Stately Homes to visit in the UK

Aside from Castles, when needing to fill a couple of days off, or the occasional Saturday, I love to look around stately homes and grounds!

There's just something about them. The grandeur and history all rolled into one property as well as stunning grounds, gardens and sometimes woodland to explore, makes it a perfect day out. Even in the height of Autumn, stately homes can offer soo much, including a warm coffee and afternoon tea to warm those toes if needed!

Luckily, here in the UK we have plenty of stately homes to visit, and well, here are just 5 that seem totally worth a wander!!

Lifestyle | UPDATE

I don't know how and where this part of my blog is going to be honest.

I love writing these posts since it's very much like my own personal and very public diary.

My lil space where I update you guys on what is going on behind closed doors.

But if i'm honest, I don't get much engagement from it at all and half the time I ramble on about pointless shite. But hey ho, we will see how we go.

For now there is still space for this section and so it remains.

So the update ay?


Blogtober | Spooky Events for this Halloween

It's Friday the 13th, can ANYTHING get more spooky than that!!

No better day to explore some of the spooky things you can do this October to get you into the Halloween mood, if you're not in it already of course!!

I love Halloween events, albeit I haven't been to one in a longgg time.

Unfortunately for me, the weekend before Halloween is always dedicated to my Fiancée's birthday, but It doesn't mean you can't do something a good week or so before the main event of October 31st!

So what's on offer? Here's a couple I have found and am eager to book a ticket for!!

Small things that have saved me time & money!

We are living in a world where there is never enough time nor money. Despite staying up later, waking up earlier, or having multiple jobs that drop in the extra pennies we need, we still feel short.

I seem to think we are all trying to do too much, and live a lifestyle most of us need to understand is just not viable. Yet, it doesn't matter how many times we talk to ourself about cramming in to much into the day, or spending wayyy more than we should, we still find ourself doing both.

Being real here, I know we are all after the ultimate cure for both of these issues, so that's why I thought I'd share this lil post. This won't cure the problem, but heck, these things have for sure saved me time and money!

Wedding | Decorating your wedding - DIY

Decorating your day is a task within itself.

No one wants a bland church, spiritless tables or an empty reception. So choosing how you decorate your venue or venues for some of you is a chunk and a half to consider.

Finding decorations you can either do yourself before hand, or easy and simple decorations that are inexpensive for others to do, is pretty darn hard work.

So if you're finding it hard to find bits and pieces to spruce up your venue, on a budget or a little DIY, then look no further. Since I am filling a whole marquee and an outside boathouse with decorations, I have found some pretty nifty and cheap decorations that are perfect for the DIY bride.

P.s I am super excited to get creating some of my DIY decorations!!

Travel Throwback | San Francisco

I LOVE San Francisco. As a city, as a destination, as a place to explore and learn some dark history. I LOVE it!!

There aren't many places in the world that I feel that passionate about. San Fran is 3rd in line to my favourite cities in the world, and that's behind the infamous Paris and New York, so that's saying something!!

It's been a good couple of years since I have been, but it left such an impression on me, it's etched in my memory!

I am soo desperate to go back with my fiancée, but with wedding plans and honeymoon destinations picked, 2019 looks the possibility.

So for now, it's reminiscing and reliving the already been experiences. But that's good enough for now.

Here's what I got up to before, and what I plan to do on my next visit!!

Recipe | THE Best Breakfast Combination!

I do love a good old breakfast. I much prefer going out for breakfast than any other meal. Its so warming and cosy, and I can easily accept getting out of bed if it means I'm having a truly scrumptious breakkie.

But what counts as a scrummy breakfast?

For me, there is a very thin line between being a greasy mess and a truly filling but delightful breakfast that hasn't left you feeling dirty. And me no likey a dirty, greasy breakfast on a weekend morning!!

Especially if I've had to get out of bed for it!

Pancakes , Banana , Bacon and maple syrup. Doesn't suddenly strike me as a winning combination. Quiet frankly, it sounds a little weird.

But stick with me because I promise it truly is remarkable and god damn tasty!!

Never tried it, you're going to want to!!

Home | Finishing Touches for Your Hallway*

Admittedly, the hallway may not be a priority when you’re decorating your home or you’ve just moved into a new property. It’s usually the afterthought – a place that we pass through on the way to other rooms. However, it is the first thing your guests see, so you should make it welcoming and inviting.  It’s easy to decorate your hallway and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.