Weekly Update - The day I got Engaged!!

This week has been crazy. Literally crazy.

Just last Wednesday, my boyfriend took me to a national park I had been so desperate to visit, and whilst I was being all touristy and taking pictures for Instagram, he was planning the perfect spot to ask me the big question.

It was so magical and perfect, and whilst I have been excited for this day to come, nothing prepared me for the overwhelming feeling that came with it.

How my boyfriend motivates me

Men can be pretty useful sometimes.


We've all had it tough with motivation from time to time. Stressed, stretched or exhausted. Whatever the matter it can take a real toll on the motivation to power through and carry on.

So its super handy when you have someone on hand that is ready to give you the kick up the bum, and the motivation you need to get out of your rut.

For me, that's my boyfriend.

Obviously don't tell him, and if you are reading this Ali, don't feel soooo smug will ya!

Weekly Update - Sunlight

There's a bank holiday weekend and it looks like it could be bloody sunny for it too! To make things a little sweeter, I booked Tuesday and Wednesday off aswell. Sorry not sorry! 

Since its the last 3 day weekend for most of us until CHRISTMAS, I won't be the only one looking to make it a cracking one.

Yeahh I worked yesterday, but I came home to a bunch of friends, cider and some laughs so it was all good in the hood. Plus points for the pizza waiting on the table too!!

But hang on, I haven't done a weekly update for a long time so lemme rewind so I can catch you up on the last month or so.

Dealing with stress

Hello lovelies,

Its the start of another week and most defiantly the start of a stressful week, or so we think.

Stress is a normal part of working life, but you have to deal with it in the right way. Although throwing your phone might seem like the perfect solution, sadly it is not, but don't worry, I have other solutions.
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