A Grey Palette - Wedding Inspo

Grey is such a fashionable shade and can be found anywhere, so it's no surprise Brides look to using it where ever they can in their wedding.  Whether is a slight tone highlighted through flowers or the main shade frequent in all accents, Grey is a shade you will see in many 2017 weddings!

Here's some gorgeous inspo incase you needed any convincing!

2017 - A New Year.


Annnndddd what a miserable one, with rain falling and gray skies *booooo*.  

I'm not one to get real excited for a new year. I usually try and play every day as it comes, but I can understand the anticipation and excitement that can come from a new year.

A whole 365 days to start things again and make a difference. A whole 52 weeks to do everything you didn't last year and finally, stick to a new years resolution!

Wedding Wednesday - Picking a date

So you've picked your venue and figured out your budget. Now you kinda need a date, and I hate to tell you, this can be as easy or as hard as the previous two.

For us, this was harder than the venue.

We neither wanted a long engagement, but didn't want to get married too soon and compromise on elements we wanted because of lack of money.

 Your budget will have a part to play in choosing your date, but so will so many other elements, especially when planning a wedding in the UK. And yes, I'm talking about the weather.
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