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Blogmas | 10 Gift Ideas for that difficult person

I'm not one for gift guides.

I feel it's rather personal preference on many gift ideas and of course can differ from person to person.

The true value in a present isn't the monetary value you put aside, but the thought and feeling behind it.

The best present I have ever received was a personalised Hogwarts acceptance letter, along with a Hogwarts express ticket and more. There was no monetary value to it, but with my love of Harry Potter and the personalisation, I was overwhelmed.

All in all, you don't have to spend an absolute fortune to give your friends and family a good gift this Christmas.

Here's a gift list for those difficult people or when you want to give something a little different.

Blogmas | Instant Download Christmas Cards

I don't know about you, but I hate buying Christmas cards. Another aspect you have to shop for, and bloody write out.

So when you find a easy way to make this little Christmas task that much simpler, I am all ears.

Instant download Christmas cards are the future!!

Download a couple of designs and print the exact number required, either from your own home, the local print store or even on vistaprint.

So so easy and beats buying numerous packets from Tesco, only to either run out, or have many left over. I've found some gorgeous prints on-line, that are inexpensive and worth using this Christmas! Some are even FREE!!!

Blogmas | The perfect winter scents*

There is nothing better than having a scrumptious scent to accompany Christmas and all it's festivities! Whether it be from a candle, aftershave or perfume, Christmas is the time of year to get your hands on the best scent pieces and set you up for the coming year.

I am all for finding the perfect scent in my home, and myself and so I've collected together some of the most gorgeous scents of all, including Luxury Fragrance Gift Sets by the stunning Clive Christian. 

This is a scent list you don't want to miss!!

Travel | Cold To Cosy - An Icebound Adventure

A good holiday for most of us is a jolly warm location, teaming with sunshine, pools, beach and sand. Not forgetting the cocktails and ice creams of course!

So, choosing to spend your precious holiday somewhere cold isn't an idea most will consider! It's such a shame, considering there is so much fun to be had in locations of cold, including getting cosy and warm!

Fashion | 4 Jean styles you need to have in your wardrobe !!

Everyone loves having a pair of jeans, or four! Or maybe even 42, if like me, you are obsessed with them!! 

Honestly, my fiancée mocks and gets frustrated with how many pairs I seem to have and accumulate!

But with so many different styles and varieties out there, it can be hard to decide which jeans to buy. 
Since I seem to have every style you can imagine, I've narrowed them down to the four jean styles everyone needs to have in their wardrobe, for every type of occasion and weather!

Check out my picks down below!

Blogmas | The best places to shop for your Festive Party Attire*

We are in full swing of Christmas work party season. 
And what a time to be alive. 
There are sooo many stunning ranges to be found from our favourite high street and online gems, I thought it was worth compiling into one nifty post.
So if you're struggling on what you to wear this year, I have you covered! 

Time to Chat | When is the best time to pluck up conversation with a Badoo match?

We have all been on the dating apps at one stage or another. And we have to admit, they are fun, quirky and a great way to meet fellow singletons in the comfort of your own home. Many people have even met their long-term partners on apps just like Badoo.

With over 364 million users worldwide, there is plenty of potential matches to sink your teeth into. No need to go looking snazzy in a nightclub, switch on your dating app, whilst in your pants if you like and get scrolling through endless streams of single's waiting for your match! Learn their likes, dislikes and personality within their profile, and decide!!

Sounds pretty easy right? Well it is. Until you match.....

What do you say? When do you say it? Do you wait for them to contact you? Do you go for a cheesy chat up line?

Blogmas | My Christmas home with Amara*

Like most of us, the second November 30th turned to December 1st, the Christmas tunes were blaring and the trees were being hauled from its resting place!

Truth is, I have been listening to Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra the week for December 1st, but shhh.

Christmas decorations are the pure exception of buying endless amounts when quiet simply you don't need it! As the years go by, we tend to grow and grow our collections of Christmas Deccy's and let's be honest, it's bloody exciting, it really is.

Last year I packed away a tree and some small Reindeer inspired figurines. Today I have much much more. How? With a little help from some gorgeous on-line retailers selling timeless Christmas pieces that will compliment any home this time of year.

I am of course talking about Amara!

Since I believe I have perfected my Christmas look in my apartment, I thought I would share a few of my favourite pieces and snaps of our home.