Weekly Update - Sunlight

There's a bank holiday weekend and it looks like it could be bloody sunny for it too! To make things a little sweeter, I booked Tuesday and Wednesday off aswell. Sorry not sorry! 

Since its the last 3 day weekend for most of us until CHRISTMAS, I won't be the only one looking to make it a cracking one.

Yeahh I worked yesterday, but I came home to a bunch of friends, cider and some laughs so it was all good in the hood. Plus points for the pizza waiting on the table too!!

But hang on, I haven't done a weekly update for a long time so lemme rewind so I can catch you up on the last month or so.

Dealing with stress

Hello lovelies,

Its the start of another week and most defiantly the start of a stressful week, or so we think.

Stress is a normal part of working life, but you have to deal with it in the right way. Although throwing your phone might seem like the perfect solution, sadly it is not, but don't worry, I have other solutions.

Living Make-Up Free

Girls, I can't be the only one who gets fed up when you wipe your face and get pissed off because you've inadvertently taken half your make-up off too.

I'm also not the only one who craves coming home, rinsing my face and bearing it all.

Didn't think so.

Home Inspo - Painting a blank canvas

A new home is full of excitement and prospect. Its even better when its blank all over leaving you with space to really put your own stamp on it. That's whats happened with our new home. Being a new build, everything is white, and whilst that seemed to work for the first couple of months, the lack of colours and personality in our home is really starting to show.
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