Squat and brush - exercise whilst getting ready

What if I told you that you don't have to dedicate yourself to exercise, to fit your workout into your day.

We girls have farrrrr too much going on sometimes that it simply isn't viable to do everything, as well as squeeze in that much needed work out. But there is a way to do both! Simply incorporating some key moves into your morning & evening routine, you'll be working out with out even realising it!

A Lamp

My gosh isn't this weather just devine!! This weekend went farrrr too quickly as per, yet we spent it wisely buying yet more items for our apartment!

How to spend your summer in the UK

I can't believe it, but it looks like this year I won't be lucky enough to venture to some exotic island for some sun and cocktails whilst watching my skin turn a sultry shade of brown *sad face*.

I am a sun worshiper, so the idea of a further 12 months before possibly sinking my toes into some white sand and smelling the sweet sweet smell of after sun is quiet simply shocking.

But, money is being spent elsewhere, and why fly somewhere for sun when sometimes, just sometimes, the UK gets a nice bout itself.

Since my last post on everywhere I wouldn't mind visiting, I thought I'd post a little something that can make your summer feel like you've crammed so much in this summer you wonder how you managed it!

Weekly update - Being a bridesmaid

Hello you beautiful things,

Just want to point to the sky and say wow. This weather in the South has just been emotional - anyone would think its on its period. Rain, sleet, sun and fog. I really don't know what to pull out of my wardrobe in a morning.
I just keep it safe and wear dresses, encase the sun decides to show its face, even if its for a funny five mins.

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