Lessons I have learnt

They say with age comes wisdom, and that's certainly true. There are things that I have learnt over the last couple of years alone that have been the most valuable to date. Unfortunately we are human and the best way we learn is through mistakes and experiences, so here are a few, and many that I learnt the hard way.

Cupboard essentials to make sure you never starve

There have been many occasions whereby the thought of dragging a trolley round a super market really doesn't please me and I'd much rather sloth on a couch watching endless episodes of friends.

Yet, its always the exact time you don't want to go, you really have to simply because you have no food left and staying in would most defiantly result in starving.

To top it all off, you have odds and sods that you really can't do anything with to make any substantial enough. So, I've conducted a list of essentials that you need in your cupboard so you don't have to go shopping if you don't want, and well you won't starve!

Coming off the pill

I have shared over the last couple of weeks my decision to come off the pill after 9 years under its wing. I have had a troublesome ride when it comes to the burden of being a women. Having started wayyyy to early and some quick hormone treatment at 8 years old, it seemed to have messed me up good an proper!

Get up later and be early!

I for one love my sleep. If I could, I would sleep for most of the time, only arising for a little bit of food and the most recent episode of Game of Thrones.

But since I have got my bum into gear, I have managed to leave my bed later, and still be on time to work, and this is how!
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