Wedding Wednesday - Picking a date

So you've picked your venue and figured out your budget. Now you kinda need a date, and I hate to tell you, this can be as easy or as hard as the previous two.

For us, this was harder than the venue.

We neither wanted a long engagement, but didn't want to get married too soon and compromise on elements we wanted because of lack of money.

 Your budget will have a part to play in choosing your date, but so will so many other elements, especially when planning a wedding in the UK. And yes, I'm talking about the weather.

Weekly update - Preparing for Christmas

It's Sunday. David Attenborough is gracing my TV, and the weekend vibes have been going strong for the last two days.

But, another week, another weekend.

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know I started my new job last week. I also turned 23, and had my first full weekend off without having to use holiday in like a year. Pheww, there was a lot going on!!

Winter bundle

With the nights being dark, cosy nights in are a regular affair and I love it. You may have seen my recent autumn wish list post which was quiet frankly appalling, I do apologise.

Well I have my grove back and have created a even better winter bundle, ideal to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
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