Wedding Wednesday - Being Organised

Its Wednesday again ( god thats gone quick!), and once again I'm talking weddings.

Encase you haven't been keeping tabs, I recently got engaged, and with the excitement came my usual OCD of being mega organised. Within 5 days of being engaged, I had a file sorted and poly-pockets for every wedding venue brochure in a 20 mile radius of my home! 

Not only was it me being mega kean, but it was also me trying to stop myself panicking over the sheer expense and whether its even conceivable. I should have been enjoying my engagement yes, but now,  6 weeks later, I am mellow as ever because yes we can do what we would like (thank god!). 

Autumn Wishlist

It's been a while since I have compiled a nice wish list of goodies I would love to get my hands on. But since it's my favorite season and I'm in a snuggly mood, I have been oggling some autumn / winter essentials, perfect for the cold evenings in front of the TV.

Please be aware this is not a extensive list, and most probably I will find plenty more and think darn it, ill just do another post, just so you know!

Wedding Wednesday - A month in.

Its just over a month since my gorgeous engagement ring found its way onto my finger and the whirlwind started of thinking and planning a wedding.

I never quiet knew how much was involved in planning one day, until I started looking at everything I would like to have on my special day.

Venue, food, decorations, flowers, cake , photographer, music, accommodation, dress, bridesmaids, groomsman, save the dates, invites, hair, make-up, stag do & hen do, oh gosh the list goes on and on!

Hello Autumn

Hallelujah. Autumn is here!!

We had a little stall for a couple of weeks, but we got there in the end.

I've had a wee break from the blogging sphere for a good month or two and through no fault other than lack of content motivation and precious time.

Its coming to the busy months prior to Birthdays, Halloween & Christmas, yet I hope my blogging block will not return for a good couple of months - here's hoping! 

Anyway, content for probably the next year or so is most possibly going to be wedding related. I would apologise, but quiet frankly, people are getting fed up of being around me and since its easier to avoid a blog or two, it might just be better for everyone involved if I write rather than talk wedding!

From a fellow newly engaged person, its not often I have stumbled across anything that has helped me even start to think of where to start when planning such a big day, so I hope my ramblings of my hair tearing process will help some one in the near or distant future.

However, I do promise it won't all be about 'bloody weddings' as my fiance quiet often puts it, I will also ramble on other crappy stuff as well as Interior things, and anything else I usually post.

It's just a little update, and better content is on the way, I swear. Since a extrodinary day of slap in the face dramas, and a evening of The Apprentice and now a catch up on The Fall (oh my gosh, you should watch if not already!), my creative juices are flowing and I'm feeling all giddy about finally getting back into my grove!

Is there anything you would like me to blog? 

Anything you'd like to see on A life of a Charlotte? 

Start some chatter, I would appreciate all your thoughts. 

Hope you all enjoyed the Apprentice ;) 

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